My Life Revolves Around Porn Tube

I’ve always been shy, painfully shy, and even through college and after, it’s been difficult for me to approach a woman with the intent of asking her out for dinner, a movie, or just a simple walk through the park, there’s just something about the opposite sex that makes me want to crawl back into the woodwork. I work with women fine, I have friends that I’m myself around, laughing, joking, and being the center of attention, but, when it comes to being romantically involved, I freeze.

I’m not sure how many twenty-eight year old virgins there are in the world, but, I can surely add my name to the list. My senior year of high school, prom night, was the closest I’ve gotten to sharing intimacy, and that’s only because there were a group of us, all having a few drinks and our inhibitions were minimal. She and I climbed into the backseat of my friend’s Chevy and the minute I slid my hand across the crotch of her panties, I ejaculated. I came without even being touched, and, I was so ashamed, it made me withdraw even more.

Since then, I’ve come to the conclusion, when the time’s right and the teen girl is too, it will all happen naturally, until then, I pleasure myself through solo masturbation. A few times through the week, and always on the weekend’s I will venture into, HD porn movies and live out vicariously through those men on the screen. I’m always so fascinated at their boldness, the way they manhandle the sexual situation, owning the women with huge tits, having them beg for more of their rough thrusting, I wish I could be like them.

Even though I fantasize about tender moments, the romantic candle light dinners, the slowness of our fingers, unveiling the clothing from our bodies, but, it’s truly the hardcore acts that get my blood thumping and the palm of my hand sliding quickly up and down my hard shaft. I’ve been reserved and timid for so long, I’m more than ready to break free and become a bad boy type in the bedroom.

In the HD porn videos I watch buff men with big cock, driving along a city street, stopping to ask directions and ending up bending some hot babe over the trunk of his car, with her big boobs swinging and swaying in the sunlight, they enjoy the outdoor sex, with never a concern as to whether they’re being watched by voyeurs or not. At that moment, nothing matters but how good the intercourse feels and how they’re both going to be cumming in a rush of orgasmic excitement. Feeling his dick softening while still inside of her, and yet, still moving, hoping for the semi hardness that will continue into a full growth spurt again, giving them both multiple orgasms from their hardcore actions.

With jeans pulled down around his ankles, her panties lying on the ground, long legs wrapped around his waist, he is pumping his erection in and out of her wet vaginal area so fast, I imagine how much friction they must be creating. As I sit, jacking off, I know that one day it will be me, I’ll be able to live out all of those dirty dreams and be the macho type of male I know lives within me somewhere, but until then, I watch videos.

It’s probably a pretty sad thing to think about, my entire sexual life revolving around watching porn, but, I really don’t mind it as much as others might think. There’s something so naughty about choosing whatever woman and scenario I’m in the mood for, from the categories and then playing with myself while dreaming it’s my own thickened shaft getting gooey with the creaminess of a beautiful women, enjoying my passionate ways.

Just before I feel my orgasm happening, I think of the day when I’ll be unleashing my load into the steaming vaginal area of a female lover, finally losing not only my semen, but also my life of being a virgin. Check porn tube to watch my erotic clips.

A Fantasy Through Big Cocks

It seems as if at a young age, gay males will be stereotyped by the inches of their penis, sex-friends, co-workers, schoolmates, whatever the case may be, everyone uses the term of being well hung and it’s a given through the tone of their voice, if you’re not, then you’re an outcast from the sexual society. So, having big dick video in your profile is really important.

Whether these types of thoughts began from the male or female gender, is unknown, but, through the years, there have been many conceptions and misconceptions in regards to a huge penis and why it is the best to have. There are the sly giggles and laughter that will generate when females are talking, such as, looking at a man’s shoe to determine how much he’s packing in his boxer shorts, or, wondering if they have to purchase an extra large condom because they’ve got massive meat to stuff into the sausage casing.

Of course, then you have the ones that will profess, size doesn’t matter, it’s all in how it’s used. Those that have done research are quick to offer what is seen as an average size of swings shaft, but do those rules really apply? When factoring in circumcised members has had skin removed, shortening their erection length, so, should they be penalized for not being as bountiful as someone that was permitted to keep their turtleneck cock coverage.

In the gay porno, teen boys with hard cocks and huge ass seem to base their opinion for the most part on what they’re accustomed to. For instance, if they lost their virginity to a male with a six inch cock, and then their next mature lover had only four inches, then they’re going to feel as though they’re being short changed in the hardcore, intercourse arena. But, if their cherry was removed by a smaller endowed male, then coming face to dick with someone that was blessed with eight inches or more, they may think that size would never fit into the tightness of their vaginal or anal opening. It’s all about the perception more than anything, that, and of course the rumors that are passed between them during the conversation of the sexual nature.

If a man has extremely large genitalia, he’s usually treated as some sort of a king, worshipped for his stealth manhood and revered in not just the bedroom, but throughout most every aspect of life in general. If after a hearty game of handball, the guys gather in the locker room and then disrobe for a quick shower prior to heading home, and there’s a guy walking through the locker room, with a huge pecker, all eyes will be giving a quick glance and then immediately see him as some sort of ruler in the world of rods. With the huge dicks comes clout, it’s just the way the world seems to see things.

When a man and woman begin intimacy and the first time she feels a big bulge in the front of his blue jeans, her mind will be racing with excitement and anticipation. After years of being merely tickled through penetration, she’s going to be stabbed. There’s something erotic, powerful and mind bending when the thoughts go to feeling the tiniest of vaginal openings being stretched by a big black dick that has girth to it, stimulating a blonde woman in ways that she has maybe never felt before, and of course, leaving the gaping holes behind as a reminder to the fine orgasm she just experienced.

Many men will fantasize of being well hung, in fact, when they masturbate about a particular milf babe with round ass or sexual endeavor, they’ll picture themselves as being the life of the pornographic party with a huge prick. They’ll be drawn to the world of huge cock movies, not just out of admiration for those that were blessed with thick inches, but also to view the reaction of the women they’re with, measuring the responses and satisfaction to females they’ve been with, to see if the excitement level matches. They’ll slip into straight or gay sex sites that feature these huge dick movies, all of which will lead them into a world of wanking pleasure.